Recent Projects

Gaze Analysis Capstone App→

In today's digital age, the sheer volume of photos, particularly those taken in live-mode, has grown significantly. The GARGI iOS application is a pioneering solution that addresses the challenge of selecting a representative image from these live photos which is both aesthetically pleasing and considers the uniformity of people's gazes.


Omkar N. Kulkarni Shashank Arora Prof. Pradeep K. Atrey

Shank Programming Language →

A programming language made in Java.

UML Diagram of Shank

MIPS Calc →

Created a calculator using a binary tree in MIPS Assembly to find the result, prefix, and the postfix of a parenthesized expression

Custom VS Code Theme →

A customized version of the Dark+ and Monokai Pro themes. It features a beautiful dark purple color palette that is easy on the eyes, with bright yellow effects for noticeable changes.

VS code themes

Dotfiles →

My custom dotfiles for my Linux, Mac and Windows/WSL. Includes my custom zsh theme, aliases, Starship prompt and more.

Powershell theme

Explore Your Google Location History →

A Python script that parses your Google Location History and plots it for you!

Random Code →

A large list of random code snippets I've written for various projects. Not organized, but it's here.

Discord Pager →

Program that listens for specific messages with a leading tag via Discord API and relayed those messages by serial to a scrolling LCD attached to an Arduino Nano.

Image of a 3D Printed Rook

My tower of PI! 36GB of ram in total. Typically running in a K3S cluster

Image of a 3D Printed Rook